Friday Mornings

This week has been one of those great weeks; I've been waking up with the sun and eating my breakfast to the chirping of about three hummingbirds, I can't help but giggle at these little guys fight over sugary water! I've been cracking the books and trying my best to be a diligent student and still have managed to enjoy two days off this week. Went out for a fantastic french meal last night and hung out at the Chanel counter for too long, while sipping champagne and enjoying a girls night out for Fashion's Night Out. My big plans for the weekend, hanging with D and a big date with my text books in bed!!! This is kind of how my room looks at home, books are heaping from every corner, I can't get rid of them. Have a quiet and relaxing weekend everyone, see you all next week!!!

(image via tilliams)

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