Make Art

I'm no artist that's for sure but when I signed up for art history courses in college I didn't know what I'd be getting myself into but it turned into quite an obsession.  Almost immediately I became strangely addicted to all things art; I definitely fancy modern art, what about you? After college and moving away I was really wanting to create something of my own, to display it in my space and to call it my original artwork. I've created a few pieces and have many in the works, plus they're always great conversation starters. Whenever I have friends over they always compliment the artwork, so of course I like to slip in, Oh yea I made that! Since then I promised myself that most the art in my home won't just be collected pieces but also things I've made. It releases emotion (mostly good), it gives you a sense of pride knowing you created something and well you can call it your own! So get creative, grab a paint brush or splash a bucket of paint against a canvas and create your own piece of art!

(image via emily green

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