The Beauty Makeover

A few weeks ago I was in pursuit of looking for a particular book featuring one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram; you may recognize her illustrations from Matchbook Magazine or her shop at Emma Kisstina. When I found what I was looking for I saw the cover of this little find and couldn't help but snatch it up as quickly as possible at the local library to check out what was inside. A book about turning your weekend (and the rest of your life) into a fun, productive and relaxing time off from the stressful week. Needless to say I'm on chapter three, The Beauty Makeover (I'm cleaning out all the drawers in my bathroom, sitting down, organizing and tossing products-goodbye to the old and hello to a few new favorites) and I couldn't enjoy my weekends any better than now. I seriously need to buy a copy and send one to all my friends, it's something every woman wants and needs, get your very own today!

(image via amazon)

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