Before Netflix

Before the computer and advanced technology took over our lives; the end of summer meant back to school shopping, getting mentally prepared for school, signing up for sports, ballet class and piano lessons. Which inevitably meant, those precious last days of summer were to wear ourselves out running to the train tracks where we were told never to go and pretend we were pirates in a duel, playing dress up and snooping into grandma's room to wear her pearls and beautiful white gloves, imagining ourselves as the posh students at Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies (the boarding school from A Little Princess) or playing jacks out in the front yard. Growing up in a generation where playing outside was cherished over game boys and Netflix; and hopscotch, jumping rope and swimming all day was so much more fun than staying in and watching tv. So I hope you enjoy your last days of summer and remember what was important to you before the last days before school started. Happy Tuesday!!! 

(image via daily movement)    

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