Friday Mornings

Well hello lovers, hows your last week of summer wrapping up?! School has already started and I can already tell its going to be awesome semester...but a long one. Third semester and second year in, I'm still just as excited about this MLIS program as I was when I was accepted into the program last July! Looks like there may be a future in preservation for me, it seems I can't get enough of not only the required but the supplemental readings (and even more additional readings) the professor has provided in the weekly syllabus. I hope your week has been a good one as well as this past summer! Although coming to a close, I'm so ready to embrace the fall and the busyness of the coming season here in Palm Springs.
 Heres to a fresh season of great fashion picks (I'm already eyeing a navy peacoat and a leather pocketed sweater), cool and refreshing weather, festive dinner parties, halloween and falling in love with everything the autumn brings. I'll be buried in books and conducting a experiment, tossing a book in water and preserving it, results to come in a few weeks!!! I'll also be giving some much needed love to poor ailing pooch and kicking back and enjoying the overcast weather and sleeping in a little (don't these colors look so inviting?) Happy weekend and see you all next week! 

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