Saturday Happy

I grew up loving the History and Travel channel, which is why it shouldn't be at all surprising when I decided to change my major in college from Nursing to History and Anthropology. Obsessing over the history of past civilizations and creating my own research projects on certain time periods or cultures honestly excites as much as when I'm making a big purchase at the nearest J.Crew. There's something so enriching and fulfilling when I come across a forgotten book at the library when I'm shelving in the history stacks! I recently came across a nonfiction find about research and government funding at particular sites like Pompeii, Herculaneum  and other ancient Roman and Greek areas throughout the Mediterranean. So, lately my winding down routine means getting cozy with my Samantha Brown Passport to Europe series, anyone up for Mykonos this weekend?! What's making you happy this week?!

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