Friday Mornings

Was it just me or did this week go by in a flash?! Everything seems to be all good here in the desert, the weather hasn't been as terrible as August was and even though school is only in it's third week, I'm loving what I'm learning. As I referenced my soak-a-book experiment last week, I'll admit dunking a meaningless book in the pool was soo hard but I did have fun with my little project. Needless to say, I was able to preserve the book almost back to normal. The pages are just a little wavy!! How's your week been, are you ready for the weekend?! I sure am!! I'm heading to the National Archives Saturday and plan on relaxing in bed (this room looks so inviting, especially with it's private deck for an afternoon break) with this book my guy recommended. Happy weekend and see your next week :)

(image via amazing bedrooms)

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