Paper and Wink

If I had to do it all over again, I'd major in art so that I could open up my own paper goods store and create my very own paper line. As you may suspect this time of year my desk is filled to the brim with stationary sets, every color imaginable in my boxes of markers, colored pencils and sharpies as well as constantly looking for the latest, greatest desk find. From notepads, letter openers and swooning over typeface, I simply love coming across new companies. Although not so new, I first saw Paper and Wink products when they were personally sent to my mother address, (hint) her best friend's sister is the creator of the line! Now despite the friendship, this artist (as well as her sister, one of my mom's closest friends) is truly talented. Seeing her artistry growing up, everyone simply loved her aesthetic and I'm so excited to share her products with you. Make sure to keep updated over at her site, Paper and Wink!

(images via Linda Prock)

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