Friday Mornings

Hello, hello everyone!!! I hope you've had fabulous week, mine has been full of excitement, anxiousness, preparation and more good news with a large side of homework. I can hardly believe that school will officially be more than half way done in two months time, but until then I have way too much on my plate. While I'm taking in all this beyond interesting information on digital preservation, cataloging and learning the basics to archival repositories, I'll be so happy when assignments and taking tests are behind me. Having been in school for roughly seven years, I'm ready for a break in a big way!!!!! So for now, have a wonderful weekend; I'll be cozying up with manuscript collections and creating finding aids (but I'll be in the company of two rascal yorkies and pretty bedding, but not as pretty as this bedroom, sigh). Oh and I'm seeing Daniel Tosh with my guy Saturday evening! I can hardly contain my excitement, the beau and I have been waiting two months to see him, so bring it Tosh!!! 

(image via the shoptometrist

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