Friday Movies

Growing up in household where movies were a part of most Friday and even Saturday evenings, film and television were big part of my upbringing. Which is why it's no surprise most of my childhood, I dreamed of becoming an actress. And even though my parents never encouraged me to take that path, my experience in entertainment was in taking on local theater productions. Knowing my voice would never take me to the stage, I resorted to taking courses in the history of theater, creative script writing and production and set design while in college and let me tell you I loved every minute. 
During the second half of my history of theater, we focused on reading six plays, one being August Osage County. Acting the parts of this incredible cast of characters and dissecting the script in class, I'll never forget being a part of such a fun experience with classmates and quite a theatrical professor. So, you can imagine the excitement I have for this film...and the cast?! Nothing else needs to be said except for I'll be the first in line to see it!

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