Saturday Happy

I am so beyond excited to announce the newest addition to the blog, The Action Plan. From Pinterest and bookmarked blogs, my daily reads which include both digital and glossy magazines that range from art, lifestyle, spirituality, fashion and design, Music, Art and Travel, folders of DIY projects and cooking recipes, the stacks of books that define my bedroom, observing people in their daily lives, the creativity that  for now only resides in my brain and life itself is the inspiration for me to live completely in the moment. We tend to plan for the future and dwell on/regret events from our pasts. This is no way to spend our time, so why not look forward to fun date nights with friends and lovers, create at home projects for yourself, host a movie marathon, learn that instrument you've been trying to sign up for and even splurge on yourself, from nail polish to $400 shoes. Be a more conscious being, give yourself some attention and live in the moment with me! I hope you enjoy The Action Plan as much as I have loved creating it for you (and myself) :) If you want to create your own, go for it!!! If you'd like me to do it for you, let me know, my information is located on the About Me page!!!! What's making you happy this week?!      

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