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After reading the latest Anthology, (it's quickly becoming my favorite subscription), I've been inspired to try my hand at creating something of my very own. How it will turn out, I'm really not quite sure since my experience in an art class is of one I took my freshman year of college. Which is why I resorted to studying art history rather than art itself while in school. I've always had this burning desire to create my own but having no idea where to begin or someone to inspire me has been the hardest part in this whole endeavor. The love of modern art and splashing a bucket directly on to canvas sounds about right to me. The uncontrolled movement of paint, mixing and splashing colors with one another and letting it create itself is the style I most admire. Do you have a particularly favorite style or movement when it comes to art? I'd love to know your take on art?! 

(image via daily dream decor)

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