Hazel Planters

When my sister-in-law finds time for relaxation in her busy schedule (she's finishing her Ph. D in Biology), she is excitedly working on her home/decor and gardening shop over at Etsy. With a passion for home improvement, I'd say Sarah's style is West Elm meets Anthropologie, classic and chic with a modern twist. Which means, whenever I get a chance to visit my brother and his wife, she and I could spend hours talking about home do-it-yourself projects and home decorating blogs. And since I've recently moved, I have been waiting by the door for my first order from her shop!!! She is so good, she has already been scouted by a local shop wanting to sell her planters as well as taking part in a local event. Make sure to check out Hazel Planters and see what she has in store for you :)

(image via Hazel Planters)

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