History Lessons

So maybe the latest film adaption of Pompeii starring Emily Browning and Kit Harington was not the greatest movie, but for natural disaster catastrophic historical movies it was totally a guilty pleasure for me. Lately I have been binging the history channel, the travel channel and reading and looking through my college history and art history books to satisfy my urge of wanting to travel and explore. With so many things to see and do, visiting The Temple of Vesta on the eastern side of the Roman Forum is something on my bucket list. All temples to Vesta were built in circular form (with Corinthian Columns) where the entrances faced east symbolizing the connection between Vesta's fire and sun as sources of life. Being one of the earliest structures in the Roman Forum, the structure was used for many reasons but most importantly it was the home to the statue of Minerva (Greek Goddess, Athena) which was brought from Troy.     


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