My Chair Crush

When it comes to accent pieces, my mom has excellent taste in home decor. Our styles may be completely different, but the love for pretty and polished homes is something all the women in my family share. Even though my mother and I have clashing tastes in interior design, there are a few particular pieces that come to mind from my childhood home that I will always love. In our living room, my mom has this beautiful accent chair that I've always admired but can never remember where she got it. The thing I want the most is an old rustic looking mirror. My mom found a re-purposed mirror that use to be a window from a Parisian Train Station in a boutique just down the street. Yes, it sounds just as lovely as it looks. While my mind is constantly thinking of ways to decorate the living room, I am having a Chair Crush over at One Kings Lane shop. With many nights spent perusing all these fantastic styles, these are the final few I have come to love. Need a fun and new accent piece, head on over to my favorite home site.  

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