Saturday Happy

When it comes to art, how many paintings and sculptures (etc...) are on your bucket list? I'm betting at least five, right? I'll admit when I had the chance to go to Europe in high school, you better believe I was the nerd on the back of the bus, writing up to-do lists for my first European excursion. I knew all the museums and art galleries I wanted to visit before we landed in London.  I made endless lists of everything I wanted to see, I was ecstatic I would be able to check off the greats from my bucket list like the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory at fifteen years old. After reading this article about how we really look at art, I now want to go back and find myself in the art. We're so focused on seeing the famous (...for about fifteen seconds), getting a selfie right next to the piece and checking it off the list.  I want to find a piece that just wows me, I want to know the story and the history. I want to feel the emotion behind the artist and their masterpiece. I want that connection you're suppose to feel when standing next to something truly spectacular.
 I took art history as an elective in college and although it was definitely one of my hardest classes, I will never get over the fact my college dropped the minor when I was one class short from getting the degree. I hope you read this short article and go to your favorite place, whether it be an art exhibit or a graffiti mural and smile, because contemplating art is meditation. It should leave you with the feeling of happiness and reassure you that you're not alone in this world. You get the art and it gets you! What's making you happy this week?

(image via the new york times)  

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