On Balance

In the last seven weeks, I have officially been crazy lady. With wrapping up work assignments and creating new projects for myself on top of a very demanding academic semester (which means I have spent too many nights at Starbucks because the internet has been out), keeping up to date with the blog, making a big move across the valley, trying to find sleep between everything and trying to keep my sanity has been quite the challenge for the new year. I was not really sure what my resolutions were going to be for 2015 but handling this very busy schedule I've had as of late as been a little too much for me to handle. Luckily, the move is over which means I can relax a little bit more. When faced with a busy schedule how do you find balance between everything. How do you keep sane, remain calm and collected when you are with friends or family, when all you want to do is sleep or read a magazine? How do you find and keep balance in the midst of chaos and slow down? 

(image via apartment 34)

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