Saturday Happy

Two words: Sanjay Patel!!! When I first started my search for picture books to add to the library collection last year, I wrote down the goals and guidelines I wanted to follow to make sure our library housed the best picture book collection. It may not be extensive, in fact my list consists of no more than five rules.These days, it's hard to get kids to read books! They would rather play their video games or interact with the tablets glued to their hands. With all the amazing graphic design programs there are, it's no wonder why visual story telling has taken the place over text. That is why my first rule revolves around high quality illustration. Finding stories full of rich and powerful illustrations  as well as warm inviting colors, this is the first thing I take note of when looking through books when I'm ready to start acquiring material to add to the collection. How well do the depictions tell the story, what stands out in the pictures? These are easy ways to help engage early readers, start talking about favorite illustrated books and eventually it will ignite the passion to read. Sanjay Patel is one of many of my absolute favorite illustrators, his visuals are beyond outstanding!!!! What is making you happy this week? 

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