A Christmas Story

Over the holidays my sister's boyfriend joined our family for a few days before returning home to be with his family in New York. When my sister told me her boyfriend had a little something for me to open on Christmas morning, I immediately assured her that he did not need to get me anything. After unwrapping his gift and realizing what it was, I applauded his excellent taste and thanked him greatly for getting me a piece of Stubbs and Wootton (I had only seen their beautiful footwear via bloggers Instagram feed). And since I (or my mom and sister) did not realize what I was holding in my hand for a good minute and Andrew had to remind me of the beautiful and unique brand, I immediately knew that pirate symbol against the navy velvet. My mom, sister and I had a good laugh for being embarrassingly clueless that morning. Thanks to Andrew, my little skull pouch goes with me wherever I go :)

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