Friday Morning

I apologize for not being in the greatest mood this Friday morning but it has been a particularly long and trying week. For the past two and half months I've been hitting the sheets past two am, my meals have consistently been a hard broiled egg and cheese and just in case I have time between getting home from work and a class meeting, I'll toss that egg and sprinkle my cheese on a salad (I just don't have the time or energy to cook or go out, but I could lose some weight so I am not going to complain). I also desperately wish I had a weekend off from school. Welcome to the grad-school life, where research, proposals and presentations dominate your life and your professors think they're class should be your top priority-which of course drives you mad because all your professors feel this way.

Therefore, a good Friday night includes laundry, perhaps two or three glasses of wine and falling asleep in a heap of overpriced college text books and waking up to pen marks on your face the next morning (this has already happened twice to me in the last month). And all your significant other wants is for you to get out of the same sweatpants you've been wearing for the last two weeks and to take you out for a nice dinner. So for now as much as I want to toss all my books out the window and vent to my mom and dad how I tired I am, I'm going to quickly catch up with the Two Bossy Dames, have a quick cry and buckle down on homework and all the annoying group work I have. So wherever you are please celebrate the fact that you are no longer in college and can enjoy your weekends!!!

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