Saturday Happy

If you are not following Two Bossy Dames, I suggest subscribing now. Being the dedicated fan of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour (a fantastic podcast for pop culture junkies) that I am, anytime a new guest speaker joins the conversation, I immediately search for them on Twitter. Margaret H. Willisonis a recurring guest on Pop Culture Happy Hour and their designated readers advisory expert, she is a future children's librarian (who I secretly wish was my best friend) and half of the News Letter Two Bossy Dames. The best way to describe Margaret and Sophie's project is like being invited to a sleepover meant for twentysomething women. It's filled with endless book recommendations, the history of bossy dames, pop culture referencing, hot celebrity men, hilarious gifs and memes and all things literary. Ladies, treat yourself this Friday and catch up with Two Bossy Dames. And if the Newsletter is not enough for you, follow them here

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