Make My Day

I first came across Lonely Planet when I was looking for travel and cultural books to add to the children's nonfiction collection at the library. Since then, the website is my go to for anything travel related. Now that I am currently on the mailing list, I got an email regarding their Make My Day books and app. Broken up in to thirds, 'morning,' 'afternoon' and 'evening', you can easily browse and create your own perfect day when traveling. When it comes to planning for trips and creating itineraries, I've learned to stay away from guide books and look for blogs or books written by ex pats or locals; you get to know and learn about the city on an intimate level through their eyes. However, I love the idea that Lonely Planet has created with this new travel series and app. Check out the app, it's free and pretty awesome. Happy travels :)

(images via amazon)  

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