Shell Beach

Growing up in Southern California, I have to say some of my most cherished memories were summer vacations to the beach (specifically Shell Beach in La Jolla, California) and spending hours digging for sand crabs, finding sea shells, burying my sister in the sand and pretending I were Jacques Cousteau with my toddler snorkel set. I loved reading, researching and studying everything I could about ocean life as a kid and if I could choose my who I would be in my next life, I'd be a humpback whale. So it may come as no surprise that my favorite unit to teach and read about with my kiddos at the library is any and everything concerning the ocean. While I will continue fun stories about dolphins, whales and sharks, my mission is to teach my kids how to protect our oceans. I'm way too excited for our experiment coming up in a couple weeks-sneak peek: can you undo water pollution?   When it comes to our environment what do you think is important to teach our kids about? 


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