Saturday Happy

Just in case I didn't have enough podcasts to listen to, I was suggested a new one earlier this week and I'm completely fascinated with it. Nocturne explores what goes on during the dark hours. I have no problem admitting that I am terrified of the dark, mostly for safety reasons. I often think anytime I have to park further away from my front door late at night, there's a good chance someone might take me and dump my body somewhere where no one will ever find me. I watch and read too many twisted and scary things...the thrill of being scared excites me. But when it comes to real life situations, I am a scaredy cat. Anytime I watch my parents house and I think I'm alone in a huge house, the lights go on when I go to bed! Now that I've listened to a few episodes, my fear of the dark is not as strong.You listen and learn  about everything from human behavior, exploring the affects of light pollution, history and science, this is definitely a show you should be checking immediately. What is making you happy this week?  

(image via Nocturne Podcast)

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