The Daily Escape: 90's Flasback

One of the best family trips growing up was our summer drive to Idaho. We had family friends who lived in Sun Valley and even though that was nearly twenty years ago, I can remember almost every minute of those trips. We frequented the small downtown book shop, learned how to ice-skate near The Lodge, met Nancy Kerrigan and almost bumped into Arnold Schwarzenegger while getting ice cream once. To our summer near the lake, where we lived in our bathing suits til nightfall, took drives through the wooded neighborhoods, were treated fruity pebbles for breakfast (sugary cereals were only allowed on vacations in our house), stayed up late making tents in the bedroom while reading Stellaluna over and over again, listened to booming thunder storms and torrential rainfall, you are a memory I hope I never forget. What was your favorite family trip growing up?

(image via fine art america)  

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