In the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design and decoration I stick to three rules to create a happy and cozy eating space. For me, comfortably is a key but an open counter space with little to no clutter and everything being in reach for me is also crucial. Since I sometimes do homework, blog or other work related projects at the kitchen table in the mornings or at dinner time, comfort is a high priority. I prefer chairs with a soft backing so my back won't hate me later in the day. For a more retro vibe, I like the idea of mismatching chair;, it gives the room a little more charm, don't you think? If there is one room where I do not want to see a mess, it's the kitchen. I cannot stand clutter! Keep it simple and only display what you use regularly. I try to keep a minimalist approach to organizing the kitchen counter-tops otherwise I'll just want to clean all the time. And one last request, overhead storage space is the worst for me. I have to keep a stool in the kitchen so I can reach. So I keep as much as I can under the counter, the last image is my dream kitchen!  What are important do's and don'ts in your kitchen. What's your ideal kitchen space look like? 

(images via apartment therapy)

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