Resting Positions

I have a goal (well two goals) that I am trying to accomplish by the end of the year and that is be near  the weight I was a year and half ago. Two years ago I was insanely disciplined and lost 35 pounds in three months. It's been a week of kale, spinach and feta salads, eggs, yogurt, nuts and nothing but water to drink. I've been walking four miles, treading water for thirty minutes and incorporating yoga poses for relaxing my muscles everyday for a week so far and I've lost six pounds. And in the last week, I have to say my favorite part of my exercise routine is my yoga practices. A little bit of stretching, resting in viparita karani pose and working on my handstands (obviously against the wall right now) for more core and arm sculpting. By the end of the year, I will not be using the wall to support my handstands. What are your end of the year goals?

(image via wholeliving)

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