Spend More Time Outside

Before technology took over our lives and entertainment meant going outside and playing with your siblings, climbing trees, getting dirty and not having to worry about Vitamin D deficiencies, playing outside until my mom called us in for dinner was never a problem in our household. In fact one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was the chance to live three thousand away from them when I was eleven years old for an entire summer. It wasn't a science, computer or any other kind of technology camp, it was a good old fashion camp, in fact Walden just celebrated it's 100th birthday.  I owe my parents everything for giving me the chance to not only have fun away at camp but to learn really important and valuable life lessons. And that was to enjoy my youth but also learn life skills like adapting to a new environment when you don't know a soul. As an eleven girl, I was never scared or nervous about leaving my parents. It never donned on me to be frightened that I wouldn't see them for another six weeks. I was excited and I couldn't wait any longer. 

When I went away to camp, it was everything I dreamed of, I learned how to ride a horse, windsurf, learned about culture, (yes I was one of very few girls who was not Jewish) experienced my first real crush and had my first kiss, tried my hardest to shoot a bow and arrow as close as I could to the middle of the board and met new friends and people from different countries. But one of my fondest memories was going to New Hampshire and alpine sliding. If my counselor would have let me, they could have left me on the mountain sliding all day long. Have you ever tried it? If it's not on your bucket list, add it now!!! 

(image via midwest living)

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