Get Cozy

Is it just me or is everyone else insanely busy with life right now?! This past weekend, I literally slept all of Sunday, I only got up once to eat and even that took a little too much effort. With end of the year festivities, holidays, school and work piling up, I am desperate for even two hours of just chill time. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing make sure to give yourself a break. Find a cozy spot in your house and don't do anything productive. Play hooky and switch on Netflix, dig into a good book (mine is The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Dolye, I just got it in and I can't wait to start it this weekend!!!) and/or take a nap or just sleep all day. Don't do anything except be a bum, you deserve some you time. I know I sure do! 

(image via urban outfitters)

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