Planning a Party?

Last month at the library, the kids book club read The Westing Game and to my surprise my kiddos loved it and gave it a five star rating. When we first started it, no-one liked the story, there were too many characters with weird names and most of them found it boring and not wanting to finish. Since I always plan an activity around my books, I came up with the idea to host a murder mystery party if they finished The Westing Game. I made up a murder case, assigned characters and back stories and they all showed up in costume with accents and accessories to fit their part. It was an hour and half of questioning, accusing, scheming and bribing complete with snacks and a pretty hilarious murder weapon and I had a ball. I haven't been to a Murder Mystery Party in a while but it certainly got me in the mood to have more themed parties. What do you say, bring back the Murder Mystery Party! 

(image via camille styles)

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