Flying Eye Books

As a librarian, there is a ton of  research that goes into my job. I'm given book list after book list, stacks of catalogs of material to order and it can be intimidating, time consuming and sometimes a little tiresome. But I love it! I love coming across new writers and illustrators and being a part of determining what goes into our children's collection at my library. Through the rabbit hole of children's literature research, I have come across publishing houses that I love and several that I really dislike. While the big four are unavoidable, I personally enjoy Children's authors and illustrators who team up with smaller publishers, like Flying Eye Books. They produce real quality and unique stories, their nonfiction selection for juvenile readers is in my opinion, the best. Check out their site, buy a few Christmas gifts and fall in love with my favorite little corner of the internet.

P.S. Chronicle Books is a close second, so definitely check them out!!! 

(images via flying eye books)

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