Nostalgic Christmas Items

When it comes to childhood memories of Christmas decorations, there was nothing spectacular about the decor of the 90s. But these were some of things I remember around our house that you may totally laugh at and think, Oh yea I totally remember that!! Who remembers these bubble lights?! There was nothing special about these lights except for the fact it reminded me of one of the lava lamps my sister and I had in our room. There was just something that was so cool about them. Mom, where are our bubble lights?! Hello, life size plastic Santa!! We did not have this exact one but we had one that was very similar we kept by the front door. I loved coming home from school around the holidays too see him by the door. Do you remember these nightlight Christmas Trees?! I know my mom has one somewhere in the attic!!! What are some of your favorite old or nostalgic Christmas decorations/ornaments? 


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