Out to Lunch

I've been at my current library for more than a year now and there are regulars I love to catch up with when they stop by to pick up their books or ask me to put holds on material for them. After months of small talk and chatting with people literally from all over the world, (one of my favorite families is from Australia (they are so energetic, sweet and enthusiastic), my favorite couple is from Germany and an elder single woman who moved from Scotland frequents my desk a lot when she comes to stay during the winter months) one couple treated me to lunch earlier this week and it was so much fun. We tend to talk for at least forty minutes when they come visit my desk so they suggested instead of infringing on my work time, they wanted to go take me out. The couple worked in theater and film for decades, which of course is why we can talk for hours. The Gentleman worked for MGM for forty years, so listening to his stories and experiences with actors, directors, competing production companies and behind the scenes of Hollywood was definitely a treat for me. Note to self, go out to lunch more with friends or acquaintances. Pay it forward and treat your friend. 

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