The Black Tapes

Friday afternoons are always reserved for catching up with newsletters I follow. As a lover of lists, these newsletters are filled with endless links, they range from personality tests, articles on the history of turtlenecks, lipstick and flight attendants to book lists, recommended podcasts to listen too and live movie dates to enjoy with the audience and authors themselves via twitter.  Last week, I was introduced to The Black Tapes, if you have not heard of the latest podcast craze, hop on the bandwagon now. Mimicking the style of Serial, we are introduced to Alex Reagan, the storyteller. Like Sarah she has a calm and pleasing voice and weaves a fantastic story in each episode. Combined with X-Files like music and a haunting plot-line, The Black Tapes follow Alex and her quest to believe in the paranormal. We're also learn about the complex and hard to reach Dr. Strand,  a  skeptic and paranormal debunker who is kind of an ass, possess some pretty dark secrets of his own and sounds devilishly handsome. Follow along on any podcast platform, are you a believer or Team Strand?  

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