V-Day Treats

Every month at the library, I put on Family Fun Night. It's an educational and fun program in the evening that parents and families have come to love. We've planted seeds in cotton balls, we've made volcanoes erupt, we've had sensory nights and science experiments evenings, but I was especially excited for this month's program we had just last week. To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, the local artisan shop teamed up with me to create the sweetest program for our kids. We had families come and paint ceramic hearts; they could keep one but the rest are going to convalescent homes and the hospital in town to give those who are sick a little something special this Valentine's Day. I took the idea from a fellow librarian in another state, modified her program and tried it out at my branch. My coworkers and families loved the sentiment, it was more than just another event it was teaching our kids the importance of giving and sharing. I'll be delivering them this week around town and I can't wait to share all the hearts. Do something to give back to your community this Valentine's Day :)

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