Friday Showing

I often deal with stress by cuddling up in bed with old episodes of Samantha Brown and her adventures  traipsing around the world. The escape of going somewhere foreign is an instant mood lifter and calms me down almost immediately. The serenity of South East Asia, the Fairy-tale like architecture of European Castles, the beaches of South America, watching shows or movies set in a different country just mellows me out. The other day, while browsing the foreign film collection at the library, I came across Le Weekend. With Jeff Goldblum, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, it's a quirky but lovely film set in Paris. I absolutely loveJim Broadbent, he's a fantastic actor and I love him in almost everything he does from Slughorn in the Harry Potter films to Bridget's father in Bridget Jones Diary. What are you watching this weekend?

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