The Daily Escape

 It's been almost ten years since my last trip abroad. It's been way too long but thankfully my memory has stored all those precious moments for the long term. The sights, the smells, the people, the history and cities that looked like they belonged in an enchanted fairy tale, it doesn't seem so long ago when I close eyes and think of walking through the streets of Canterbury. I can remember everything, the eternally hot summer when we nearly died from exhaustion (without a/c units), begging staff to load up our glasses with ice, donning wavy (and frizzy) hair not wanting to risk breaking our curling irons, standing is historically significant spots and wanting to wipe away tears, trying to speak the language and the over friendly Norwegian folk. Of all the places I have traveled too, I was most surprised when I fell in love with Norway. Exploring art galleries and museums (those viking ships!!!), listening in and joining tourists groups that I didn't belong too, meeting the local people and wanting to talk for hours and finding adventure around every corner, my heart belongs in Norway. Have you ever been? Despite the gloomy weather, its is beautiful, the people may be the happiest and friendliest people you will ever meet!!!

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