Shopping for Autumn

A few weeks ago, my roommate was telling me about this book she picked up from work and her recent grocery haul so she could start eating more mindfully and wholly. I was immediately hooked (I need a serious update on my grocery shopping), I had to get on this Eat Pretty action and see what it was she was talking about. A book about healthy eating (and recipes), picking and cooking what's in season and an in depth researched explanation of why certain foods are better for skin, hair, a faster metabolism, wrinkles and a healthy mindset. Since I got my copy a few days ago, I started in the middle of the book as to prepare for the coming season. These are items you should be keeping in mind for Autumn, also this diary is really helpful. I have always been opposed to food diaries but I find myself eating way healthier now that I have to write down what I'm accountable for eating each day.  What are your favorite fall recipes?!

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