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There are so many subscription services out there, it's ridiculous. Like most people of my generation an excellent night in is spent relaxing on the couch, channel servicing and ordering online. I am very guilty of this, I'm not even going to lie about it. And, I enjoy it. I like treating myself and as a blogger sometimes I'm gifted nice things! However, our culture is inundated with with so much stuff, I feel like many of these subscriptions are worthless. I try to live a minimalist lifestyle but then I'll sign up for something I think I'll love and then never use the products. These five are favorites and top rated services. Some are new, some are old but all are worth every penny. Share your favorite services!!!!

Netflix: Five years ago, a blogger discussed a documentary she fell in with. I was interested so I started looking for a hard copy and it was nowhere. On a flight home, I saw it advertise for Netflix and immediately started my subscription. Now it's apart of my nightly routine.

Book of the Month: Founded in 1926, it's one of the most reputable book clubs out there. They now have an e-commerce site where you can browse through their collection and keep up with their magazine. I finally joined the club early last week for research purposes and to expand my adult literature knowledge.

Skillshare: I was introduced to Skillshare earlier this year by another blogger and became an addict quickly. I created a list of everything I wanted to learn but had to put classes on hiatus since I was in grad school at the time. You better believe a few nights a week this fall are dedicated to Skillshare Classes . Whatever you want to learn, even if it's shoe-making, they have a class for it! 

Birchbox: Years ago, my brother gave me a three month subscription to Birchbox for my birthday. I had never heard of it but his wife was all about it. If you're a beauty queen, you need this! Create your profile and wait for good stuff to arrive. I especially love the collaborations with bloggers and female entrepreneurs.  

Blue Apron: As a foodie, my brother is the only other person in my family that loves good food and up for trying different cuisines. A few months ago, he shared some freebies so I could try Blue Apron and I love him so much for getting me hooked on their recipes. Although I've known about the company for a few years due to bloggers, I am really excited to have my own Blue Apron subscription. 


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