Eat Like a Gilmore

I don't know about you but I have been waiting nine years for a proper ending to Gilmore Girls. Well, I don't want an ending at all but I would much prefer the ending to be written by Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator of the show and characters. I've watched the trailer innumerable times and now that it's just around the corner, I can hardly sit still. We're throwing a party for all fans next Friday at the library, we've supplied coffee, coffee, coffee and we're bringing pizza, Chinese food, Loralei's infamous candy sushi recipe and much more. We'll be making hats out of newspaper and handing out lists of all the music ever played and every book that Rory reads or is mentioned in the series all to get ready for the highly anticipated four part series the following week. (We're even giving away a few prizes). When I bough this the cookbook over the weekend, I went through every recipe and could pin-point the scene in the specific episode of every drink and recipe. I plan on making a few dishes for when my sister and I watch it next week and maybe even something for Thanksgiving. Do yourself a favor, even if you're not exactly a Gilmore fan, the recipes (especially those from Sookie's Kitchen and Emily Gilmore's Kitchen sections) sound delicious. I want to make The Rory, but judging by the ingredients it sounds just an unappetizing as everyone makes it out to be at Rory's 21st birthday. 

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