Best in Books: Female Authors

In 2016 I read about thirteen books, thirteen books that would qualify as adult material. The majority of my reading in the last year was centered around children's literature. So many good titles came out that I couldn't help myself, on top of ordering material for the library I bought a ton of children's literature. 2016 was not only a great year for adult fiction and debut authors, it was a great book year over all. Now that I've been working in children's collection development for the last few years I'm looking to pursue librarianship in acquisitions and collection management, learning about all the publishers and staying way ahead of the game, I was inundated with material and new publishing houses sending me stuff at warp speed in 2016. Two months into the new year,  I've read twelve books already. And every single one is an adult book! So, I'm feeling pretty jazzed about challenging myself to read more in depth this year. A mix of short stories, essays and actual novels, these are my top five books written by women in 2016. Amber Sparks collection of short stories, The Unfinished World seriously blew me away. And if you haven't read, I Was Told There'd Be Cake a collection of essays by Sloane Crosley, you should read that first before you dive into the Clasp. What are you reading this year? If you need help make sure to check out this newsletter and pick up your own log!


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