Friday Showing

If there were two things I was obsessive about as a child it was the world of Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast. Let's pause for just a second, Emma Watson has been both Hermione and Belle, what a millennial girl's dream!!! So as you may assume, I went to the first showing of the highly anticipated live action feature of Beauty and the Beast and it succeeded all of my expectations. Besides the dress which is infinitely better in the animated classic and the wannabe 90's R&B version of the single, Beauty and the Beast performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend, the film was so worth every penny. Which, I've seen twice and will be going for a third time. Also, I'm watching Legion, noticing a theme here? I'm totally swooning over Dan Stevens right now. Did you know he's narrated over a hundred books? I recently ordered all of the books in the Shadow of the Wind series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon on audio because fate would have it that Stevens narrated only one of my favorite books. What have you been watching?

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