September Poetry Club

For sometime now I've noticed patrons requesting books on poetry, it's been everything from cultural to classic poems, acquiring all the material by John Keats and Edgar Allen Poe that we have and wanting to learn the basics on how to read and understand poetry. With a subject that seems to be a dying breed, there's something so refreshing and light, something about the prose that makes me fall in love with the words themselves. In my young adult life, I can count on one hand all my academic experience with poetry; it includes memorizing and reciting a sonnet by Shakespeare, going on a walk with Chaucer in his Canterbury tales, learning about the greats like Robert Frost, Lord Byron, e.e. cummings, Maya Angelou and even Beethoven, rhyme, alliteration and assonance and making a few of my own poems, I can't remember if they were any good! So, I've checked out some Poe and gothic style poetry. What style do you prefer, do you have a favorite poet?!
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