Friday, May 27, 2016

Friay Showing

About a minute after my guy brought up, A Royal Night Out, I thought to myself how did I not know about this movie!!! Then I vaguely remember seeing the trailer months ago, nonetheless I will be renting it from Amazon Prime this weekend and enjoying it with a bowl of popcorn. Future Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret go out on the town in celebration of V-E Day, this is my name written all over it people!!! Have you seen it?! What are you watching this weekend? 

Friday Morning...

Good morning and happy almost summer everyone. It's already reached triple digits here in Palm Springs but I don't even care because life is soo good. No more tests or papers or having a million things on my plate all at once. My short vacation was needed, spending time with the fam, walking around the city and touring campus, eating in the student center and stocking up at the bookstore had me in smiles all weekend (that may also be the case because I was drinking every night over the weekend). After unpacking and sorting laundry, I've been getting in bed by ten, this is so huge for me considering my terrible sleep habit as of late. I've been devouring magazines and books, catching up on shows and podcasts and figuring out what's next for me.  So for now I'm just enjoying life as an adult, not student. Have an excellent weekend and see you next week :)

Mid Century Modern at Moonlight

A Gallon of Water a Day

Sidewalk Secret Poems

this week's favorites...

This past week was all about planning new adventures, figuring out the future of the blog, caring more about my home-what needs to go and what needs to be updated and most importantly reinstating cocktail hour. What have you been up too lately?!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up...

 road trip through big sur...
 just relaxing and enjoying the city life.
 finally made it to campus!!!
 the cutest tea spot before leaving l.a.
so not ready to leave s.f.

(images via instagram)

Quote of the Day

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
-Oscar Wilde

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Morning...

I don't know about you but this weekend is a celebratory one, I've been looking forward to this trip for a while now. Considering the bad day I had Monday, I'm in a much better mood now that I'm on the road to the bay area to celebrate my graduation. I'm in San Francisco for an extended weekend to check out my brother's pad in the city, get a little tipsy with my fam and completely separate myself from all work related projects. I'll be spending a day in San Jose to roam the San Jose State University campus. I'm hoping at some point it will sink in that even though I didn't live here all my hard work did paid off because I just graduated from one of the best library programs in the country. As a traveler and librarian, I have this thing where I visit public libraries when I'm in a new city. I'm sure my parents and siblings are over it by now, but I know they will blown away with the research library that is the Kings Library. So enjoy your weekend and I'll be back with snaps from my trip next Tuesday :)

this week's favorites...

I'll be exploring and hanging out in San Francisco for the weekend. If you have any recommendations for restaurants, shops, bookstores or places to check out, please feel free to share in the comments :)