Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Showings

With my love for WWII literature and film, I really want to see the movie, Fury because everyone is talking about it and I'm so out of what's new in film and television right now. My dad and sister saw it last weekend and have nothing but good things to say about it. With an all star cast, I plan on seeing it sometime this week. What are you watching this weekend?

Friday Mornings

What is everyone up to this weekend? I'm excited for the library's Halloween day this Saturday, we're dressing up, hosting games, crafts, scary stories and a costume contest.  Spoiler: I'm dressing up as Fancy Nancy, my costume is outrageous and adorable! Outside of  Halloween festivities, I'll be enjoying a comedy show, a poetry reading with friends, partaking in The Style Cure and getting psyched for the Tycho concert with my guy this weekend. I'll be a busy bee but I'm looking forward to a great weekend with friends and my guy. Have a great weekend and see you all next week :)

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this week's favorites...

All my mind wants to think about lately is home improvement and do it yourself projects. I've been watching HGTV marathons when going to sleep, referring to all my home/decor books and thinking how to make my space my very own. I'm finally getting around to arranging my tiny kitchen, finding a way to make the bathroom a place of zen and browsing the floral shops. What home projects are you working on? 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

All You Need Is A Library and Garden

If you are at all like me and know close to nothing when it comes to planting and taking care of a garden, these are fantastic books to add to your flower library collection. These gardening experts give great advice for those who have no yard, are creating plant life on a fire escape and helping you remember all the types of plants and flowers there are :)

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Hazel Planters

When my sister-in-law finds time for relaxation in her busy schedule (she's finishing her Ph. D in Biology), she is excitedly working on her home/decor and gardening shop over at Etsy. With a passion for home improvement, I'd say Sarah's style is West Elm meets Anthropologie, classic and chic with a modern twist. Which means, whenever I get a chance to visit my brother and his wife, she and I could spend hours talking about home do-it-yourself projects and home decorating blogs. And since I've recently moved, I have been waiting by the door for my first order from her shop!!! She is so good, she has already been scouted by a local shop wanting to sell her planters as well as taking part in a local event. Make sure to check out Hazel Planters and see what she has in store for you :)

(image via Hazel Planters)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

History Lessons

So maybe the latest film adaption of Pompeii starring Emily Browning and Kit Harington was not the greatest movie, but for natural disaster catastrophic historical movies it was totally a guilty pleasure for me. Lately I have been binging the history channel, the travel channel and reading and looking through my college history and art history books to satisfy my urge of wanting to travel and explore. With so many things to see and do, visiting The Temple of Vesta on the eastern side of the Roman Forum is something on my bucket list. All temples to Vesta were built in circular form (with Corinthian Columns) where the entrances faced east symbolizing the connection between Vesta's fire and sun as sources of life. Being one of the earliest structures in the Roman Forum, the structure was used for many reasons but most importantly it was the home to the statue of Minerva (Greek Goddess, Athena) which was brought from Troy.     


The Daily Escape

In the mood for complete relaxation and a trip where I can spend hours in museums, food markets, cathedrals and walking along small and winding European city streets, Italy is calling my name. Calabria, Italy to be exact. A vacation meant for nothing other than soaking up Ancient Roman History, lots and lots of gelato, margherita pizza, contemplating art and being romanced by a beautiful language.  Isn't this view gorgeous? What are you dreaming about? 

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