Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Showings

I got hooked into the show My Boys right when it premiered back in 2006 on TBS while I was living in Indiana. After spending a little bit of time in Chicago, I loved how the show revolved around my favorite city, baseball and a stellar cast. Disappointed it only lasted four seasons, there is still a place in my heart for My Boys. What are you watching this weekend? 

Friday Mornings

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you had a fantastic week! I am starting my weekend off quite well, I wrapped up my science experiments at the library with a bang and have started prepping for my last book discussion for the summer reading program. Other than a great yin yoga session last night, my weekend is wide open, what are your plans? This large and quite comfy comforter looks a little too inviting for a lazy morning, don't you think? See you Monday morning :)

(image via that's so rue) 

this week's favorites

A good morning should start with a little Vinyasa and a little deep stretching to warm the body up. A few of these are my favorite poses and others are goals to work towards. How do you start your day off? 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

On the Town

We certainly are no L.A. when it comes to night clubs or swanky bars, but there are few places I've tried and others that remain on my to do list to check out. Moving back after college, my home town looked completely different since I had grown up a bit. I started to realize how much activity really goes on in this mostly well known resort town. With Palm Springs giving in a bit to the younger and hip lifestyle, the desert is starting to attract a new crowd. The night life isn't crazy, but to be honest it is kind of nice being able to stroll into a bar without having to wait around the corner to get in. I would mostly stay in Downtown Palm Springs and enjoy walking the main street, Palm Canyon.  Karaoke, Jazz, Country or Dance party, whatever you're in the mood for, we've got it :)  


Summer Nights

Every Thursday evening on the main drag, Palm Canyon Drive is filled with art sellers, food stands, musicians, jewelry tents and many more. It's kind of a big deal and it seems to be packed all the time. I recently went with a few friends and I couldn't believe how crowded the street fair was, it's mid July, people!! Let me just remind you, it's been brutal here for the last few weeks, it reached 113 this week! Nonetheless, people were out in the masses, buying popsicles, checking out art, stopping into the shops that stay open a little later and listening to Karaoke down the street at The Coconut Bar. Whenever you're out here, don't forget to check out the Thursday Night Street Fair :)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jewelry Queens and Gold Habits

I've been a jewelry queen since about the age of three. Playing dress up was a part of my every day growing up, whether that meant getting in my mom's closest or my grandmother pulling some of her old dresses, hats, gloves and jewelry into a suitcase for me to call all my own. Putting on fanciful jewelry made me feel like the Queen of England, of course I'd stack ring after ring on each finger. To this day, jewelry is very much a part of my every day style, whether with a statement piece or just slipping on my college ring before I run out the door for work. Going back and forth from silver and gold, chunky to dainty pieces, jewelry plays an important part in who I am. For every piece I own or have inherited, each piece holds value and history with it.  


You + Me

What is your favorite classic read? 
To a voracious reader, asking someone what their favorite book is, is not only upsetting but nearly impossible to answer. You'll get a response of at least ten books and even at that point, you will go back and forth ranking those top ten. That is why I got a bit more specific and want to know the classics you've perhaps read more than once? While they are many great works, there has to be one that really just stands out to you. For me, it is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I loved imagining the detail in the grand estate that was Gatsby's home. And I dreamed about the beautiful and gold fringed dresses (you see the '20s are my favorite decade, all the more reason to love Fitzgerald's work), long gloves, affairs and handsome and perfectly suited men with jazz music playing in the background. It was not only the first book I read and hated the ending, it was the first novel I fell in love with really analyzing character development and only wished I could pick at Fitzgerald's brain. I was used to reading happy endings. Up until high school I was reading and rereading Harry Potter, good conquers evil and being introduced to chick-lit, translation: male lead comes and sweeps girl off her feet to happily ever after! The Great Gatsby will forever be my favorite and the only book that stands at being read 11 times. Sure Daisy leads a miserable life but I will still never get over the fact she basically get away with murder!!! 

What's your favorite snack food? 
I love a good Mediterranean plate! An assortment of feta, nuts, olives, cucumbers, red peppers and hummus is the closest thing you get to something tasty, flavorful, not too fatty and filling. You can seriously never go wrong with this dish! 

Silver or Gold? 
While I've certainly gone back and forth throughout the years, I always seem to come back to gold. Going to an affluent public high school where Tiffany bracelets seemed to dangle around every girl's wrist, silver was certainly the color to wear . However, once I started college I quickly transitioned back to gold. There's something classy and strong about gold, and the fact it just looks more natural and becoming with my pinkish tan skin (really rose gold goes better with my skin tone). What about what you, which do you prefer? 

(photo via daniella marie)