Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Showing

The other day I was talking about childhood movies with a coworker and Problem Child came up. I never realized I had not seen the first one, since the second is a family favorite. This weekend catch up with classic from your childhood :)

Friday Morning

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!!!! I've been in such a hurry this week that I am so excited to be taking a mini vacation and spending a little time in San Diego with my guy and seeing a concert :) I cannot remember the last time I was in San Diego for more than day, so I'm especially looking forward to perfect weather, walking around down town, enjoying a live show and doing just a little bit of homework. How has your week been, what are you plans for the weekend? I plan on getting some quality sleep and spending a lot of time outside. Enjoy your weekend!

(image via fantastic frank)

this week's favorites...

Nothing makes me more happy than coming across a new illustrator, creating new art to hang up in my home and promoting the heck out of these talented people :) Happy Friday!!! 

(images via caitlin mcgauley)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Kitchen

My dream kitchen includes big open windows, french doors that lead into the back yard, open shelving, a few rustic touches, lots of flowers, a minimalist touch and a backdrop of white walls and white tile (sigh). It will happen someday! What does your dream kitchen look like? Let's be friends on  Pinterest and share our favorites :)


Kitchen Clean Up

Since I got a few goodies for my kitchen over Christmas, I decided this past weekend would be dedicated to a serious purging. I took everything out of the cupboards, completely cleared off the counter-tops (I even went through my fridge, scrubbed it down and restocked it) and started approaching all the open space with a minimalist look in mind. After a much need shower after two days of working on the kitchen, I feel so much better with my newly organized kitchen :) Do yourself a favor and spend a weekend cleaning out a room in your house that needs a lot of love! 
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Travel Books for Kids

Five fantastic stories that are packed with information overload for your kids to learn all about traveling. Filled with wonderful illustrations, lots of facts, these stories will be sure to have your kids craving to travel. Start the love for exploring and discovering at a young age :) 

(all available on amazon)

Little Free Library

Months ago, a coworker sent me an email about this lovely concept, Little Free Library. I love the idea of creating your very own library right outside your home, its bring intimacy back into the neighborhood. Their philosophy, 'take a book, return a book' is simple but fantastic. And if you're like me and find yourself curious about what your neighbors and friends are reading this a great way to get know who you are living next too. Create your very own Little Free Library on your lawn, at the end of your street or near the park and see what people are taking and returning :)  

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