Friday Morning

Six months ago I started a collaboration with a community organization. And while I was looking forward to the end result, I've sort of been a mess since then. I wanted to execute this program perfectly, I was worried it would not end up how the other party wanted it to be. So for the last several months I have been anxiously awaiting this week. It was a great success but I'm exhausted from the anxiety of it all, I'm just glad I will be able to go to sleep a little more soundly tonight. There is still quite a bit of programming to plan out for the summer and a few other big projects happening next month, but the weight of this week's events has been so heavy and now that it's finally lifted I already feel better. So cheers to a relaxing weekend and enjoying what's left of the spring season. As you know Palm Springs is already starting to get warm and I'm not into it. What are your plans for the weekend? See you Monday:)
I'm Not Perfect Tee
Guilt Free Bre…

Librarian Problems

When patrons ask for cool new programs, you create them and then they don't show up.

Why My Brain is Always Tired

Being a millennial and librarian is kind of a problem. I have never been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but if you were to guess that I have these tendencies and behaviors, then you guessed correctly. I once spent my spring vacation in college at the university library reading (and researching) everything I could find about the execution of The Romanov Family and Rasputin (it wasn't an assignment, it was for pure pleasure). By the time school was back in session, I was checked out. My brain never got the break it needed. And this is a daily habit, I'm not even kidding. Living in the rabbit hole and researching for hours on end (on any given subject) is second nature to me, I never stop to consider that it is a habit I need to learn to control. But I'm addicted, the need to know is just part of me (and most millennials). This perpetual state of curiosity is at the core of my foundation. So the fact that information is so easily accessible and that I have this …


Every girl needs this strapless bra
In my last book club meeting, everyone loved hating on Sex and Rage. I loved it but also strongly dislike it. Needless to say, I ordered a few other Eve Babitz books
Rose gold hair, don't care
This face mask leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.
Only my favorite creole restaurant
Good night stories for rebel girls. 
I can't stop listening to these guys...
What's in my bag.
Addicted to this fruit pops
If I were a bag...

Weekend Wrap Up...

apartment and bedroom sneak peak.  a piece of heaven.  walking into my week on a high note.
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Quote of the Day

"What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace."  -Paulo Coelho

Friday Morning...

We made it to Friday! Over the last few months I have come to really cherish weekends with no plans. Work has been hectic, I barely have enough time to sit down for ten minutes without interruptions and with the several side projects I have going on, I really look forward to that glass of wine and skin care routine each night. What does self care look like to you? How do you relax after a long day of work? How are you by the way and what have you been? I feel like it's been a bit since we've gotten personal! I promise I'll work on that! What are you up too this weekend? As far as my plans, I have a girls night planned and maybe heading out of town for a short weekend trip. Cheers to your weekend and see you next week!

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