Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Happy

Over this past weekend I packed up my stuff and moved out of my childhood home and about twenty minutes away to Palm Springs, CA. And having since moved I figured with my OCD I'd have the place in order in about a day or two, that did not happen! A week later and starting a new job, I'm barely getting the place in order and already too exhausted to do anything this weekend. I am definitely excited to share all the details and all the love I'll put into my home over time but for now I'm getting back in bed, enjoying a Gilmore Girl marathon and being lazy for the day off I have this week. What's making you happy this week?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Showings

For all you R.L. Stine fans, I'm beyond excited for the upcoming movie of Goosebumps starring Jack Black as the beloved author himself, I seriously cannot wait!!!! I grew up devouring the hit book series and watched the show whenever I went over to friends house when we were in the mood for scary movies. What was your favorite book? The Haunted Mask was my favorite :)

Friday Mornings...

TGIF, right?! I definitely dove right into the work week with finishing my move into a new home, plenty of training and shadowing at the new job, on the desk time and already waking up at three in the morning to head to training classes out of town. So while my nose is literally in school books and sitting in lectures, you won't be seeing me at all this weekend except for under the sheets of my bed. With information overload and exhaustion from excitement and work, I'm sending you on your way to enjoy a good and relaxing weekend.
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this week's favorites...



Hoping for a little down time to browse and shop for a few things around the house, checking the windows of my favorite boutiques for some new knit sweaters and other fall trends, time out with friends and enjoying what's left of summer. What's on your mind or to do list this weekend?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

One of my absolute favorite shows on television is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A combination of a bunch of random experiences and situations, eccentric and egotistic characters, the cast of this show is beyond epic. I can't help by die from laughter. So for now, I will leave you with your tour guide and host, Frank Reynolds. Enjoy :)

The Daily Escape

One of the earliest memories I have concerning my obsession and fascination with history was when I was introduced to a set of children encyclopedias my parents had acquired. As I got older and use to using the internet as the new encyclopedia, Wikipedia would become my friend when I fell into a mood of wanting to nerd out. As a ten year old, my curiosity was fueled by the awesome volume set my parents bought perhaps when my older brother was toddler. Reading each volume cover to cover and being entertained with history themed coloring books and computer games, I was quick to love certain time periods like the revolutionary and civil wars and major cities that held such historical significance. Having never been to Philadelphia, I'm dying to get there. Standing in a place where our founding fathers walked, talked and held meetings with each other to create this nation, is one thing I'd like to check off my bucket list. Have you ever been, what was your favorite thing about the city?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sweater Weather

I love the Autumn season for many reasons, one being the fashion. With trench coats and wool being a staple during these months, I wish I could stock my closet with some of my favorite fall trends. Due to living in an area where fall and winter mean 60 degrees outside, I'm stuck with lighter layers, sporting plum hats and thin scarves, what are some of your favorite fashion trends this season?