The Action Plan

The Action Plan is finally here to stay. I'm over the moon excited to bring back the monthly list of things to do, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries  (big and small) to celebrate and to elevate everyday life with simple facts, things to do around town and small projects. I started this project a few years ago but was forced to put it on hiatus almost immediately due to being in grad school.  The intention of The Action Plan started from my love for the monthly calendar of things to do in a magazine I use to read cover to cover. It unfortunately went under and I was sad to see it go; so I started adding personal goals, historical and fun facts about people, places and things to my own calendar. It served as a reminder to remember historical dates and favorite people's birthdays in between all the meetings and commitments logged into my planner.    I wanted to incorporate a fun and easy lifestyle guide for you, the reader and myself. Something handy to live by and use as a constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout the month. I hope you enjoy The Action Plan and what I have in store for this project. If you would like to create your own and be featured here on the site, please feel free to contact me. If you'd like to see something appear in an Action Plan, I'd love to hear your ideas!!!!

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