Be Happy

In these last weeks of the year, I always feel very stressed. Anxiety kicks in and I feel exhausted most of the time. Maybe it comes from being in school most of life. The anticipation of finals, studying like crazy and finishing paper assignments the night before... it's easy to say that between undergrad and graduate school I've written at least two books worth of information. With the holidays  and all my family members birthdays crammed in between these last six weeks of 2014, all I want to do is hide underneath the covers and hibernate. With Christmas less than two weeks away, the memories of spending the holidays with my grandmother floods my memory and all I can feel is sadness that she is no longer with us. 

So for now, maybe a take a day or two off from work to dedicate forty-eight hours to only you. Stay in bed all day, take an hour to drink your tea and read a book or do something you have not done in awhile that makes you smile or laugh.  Do laundry all day or bake snowman sugar cookies, whatever you do-be in the moment, do something you love and be happy. 


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