Friday Mornings

Good morning readers, I promise that I am in a way better mood than I was last week. Since it's technically spring break this week in school, I'm taking a day off to get outside, smell the flowers and take a walk or two. I am also hoping to hit the pool and get some laps in this weekend. Since my grades have been pretty excellent, I deserve to have a little fun, right? I've been doing some serious spring cleaning, rearranging furniture around the house, hanging new art, decorating and feeling extremely proud of my kiddos in the library book discussion groups. Bringing me chocolate other goodies, I am so happy the book club has been such a great experience; most of all I am so inspired by their amazing creativity and confidence. Oh, I also can't shut up about the show, Revenge! Without giving any spoilers away for those who are interested but are not currently watching, you need to get on this show asap! Emily Vancamp and Gabriel Mann are gold! The Hamptons, the homes, the cast and the wardrobe is all perfection!

And lastly, if you are in Palm Springs for the weekend and not sure what to do, come visit me!  My library is celebrating early literacy, so we'll be setting up a booth and giving away free kids books (and other prizes) this Saturday at the park.  Stop by to the feed the ducks, win some free books and have a spring inspired party by the pool. Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday :)

(image via domaine)

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