Five Things to Love About Spring

Five Things To Love About Spring: 

1. Growing up I could care less about learning about flowers in my grandmothers garden. But now I love a fresh bouquet of sweet peas, lavender and roses. Adding the color and life into my home completely brightens my day. 

2. Although I consider myself someone who prefers the fall to any other season, one thing I love about the spring is the warm weather and spending more time outdoors. Whether reading a book, enjoying dinner on the porch or going for a swim, there is something so lovely about basking in the sun, listening to the buzzing of the bees and being a little lazy. 

3. When it comes to color, I'm boring I prefer black, white, grey and navy in my wardrobe. But spring always presents the prettiest blush and pastel pinks and yellows. With my fair and Irish skin, pink just naturally looks the best whether I'm wearing it in my makeup or pairing it with an outfit. 

4. If there is one book I remember my mom reading to my sister and I growing up, it was Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. The iconic and award winning story about a new family of Mallard Ducks making their way to a new home across the pond is one my favorites. At the library we have had at least two new families of ducks roaming around the library and trying to make their way back to park. Watching the new born ducks waddle around is definitely a sign that spring has arrived. 

5. Living in the Midwest for five years, I certainly enjoyed spring showers. I didn't mind walking to class in the rain, it was an excuse to bust out my Burberry rain boots and haul out my trench coat. 

(image via pretty stuff)

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