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It's in the Bag

Large Weekender Union Jack Print
Square Cosmetic Cupcake Print  Soft Trunk Case Masquerade Print Rectangular Cosmetic Barbie Print Small Passerby Rose Gold Sequin Print
I am obsessed with all things Le Sportsac, especially their exclusive cupcake and barbie print, obviously! I love how this sporty style is toted everywhere, it is so light-weight and comfortable as a messenger bag, tote or as a traveling piece. Since the cupcake print is limited piece, when I saw it displayed in the Madison Avenue store, I couldn't help but to get a weekender! This collection is one of a kind and so fun, what is your favorite print?

this week's favorites...

A weekend of classics. My growing sunglasses collection. Catching up with the New Yorker.
A little shopping.  To Sarah, from Mom: "a young lady fresh out of college, starting anew and making her impressions on the world, my gift to you." 

An American in Paris

Just to let everyone know I am a Sex and the City fanatic!  For the past few days I've been watching and reading any and everything about Parisian lifestyle and culture and of course now I'm in this french mood wanting and craving to go back to the city of lights and l'amour (and the french countryside as well). So to get lost in a french moment my sister and I made a lovely little dinner last night and watched Carrie traipse around Paris, since she isn't the dork I am who loves to read more historical and travel books about far away places. 

Two Sisters and the City

For one of my graduation gifts I received a journal and inside there was a brief letter addressed to me which included this short and lovely inscription, "this is for Sarah. My imagination took me to a book I once read about two sisters who traveled to Europe and kept a journal. Perhaps this small gift could be a keeper of memories for you and your sister while in New York City this summer-just a thought." So of course I went out in search of this book my mothers friend made reference to and to my luck, I found it! After stopping into a small independent bookstore on Madison in the Upper East Side, I explained as well as I could what Nancy wrote in my journal. The owner replied, "I think I may know exactly what she's talking about!" As the older woman walked over and grabbed the book from the shelf  she came back and excitedly said, "this has to be it," and smiled at me. Once I saw it I had to buy it since I grew up in a house where there were more Ja…

All Hail Amanda

I absolutely love Amanda and can we just talk about the beautiful transformation she has made over the years. I loved her character in Mean Girls but we can all agree she is a bombshell and one hell of a singer! From Karen to Sophie, this actress has certainly made a name for herself. Some of her other works including Big Love, Chloe, Alpha Dog, Letters to Juliet and more, Amanda Seyfried shines.

Summer Glow

Bathina by Benefit Summer Eye-shadow by Bare Minerals Eye Definer by Bloom Cosmetics Some Kind of Gorgeous Cream Foundation by Benefit Skinny Dip Silky Lipstick by Benefit
Just a few of my favorites to sport the perfect summer glow.

this week's favorites...

Serendipity Heavyweights Forgetting Sarah Marshall Mrs. Doubtfire The Sandlot

Afternoon Tea

As always the pure anglophile in me has been wanting to escape to the English countryside. Maybe with Will and Kate being everywhere, plastered all over magazines and on television, seeing the last Harry Potter and reading a Jane Austen novel for the billionth time, I am craving to go. After watching a movie from my extensive British Films DVD collection a few days ago, the thought of going to grad school overseas entered my mind for a second time. A few years ago, a beloved professor of mine brought up the idea of going to school in England, what an experience right? The more and more she talked about it, the more I was sold on the idea. So as of lately I have been researching schools and contacting my professor open to her suggestions and what she has to stay. 
Since I have been on this British kick I have seen so many tea sets since I have been in New York, although being the picky person that I am I have not found the perfect one. These of course are a few my favorite sets, howev…

Confessions of a Kate Spade Addict

For those of you who do not know me, I am one of Kate Spade's biggest fans. The love affair began when I was a little girl. I use to sneak (although not so mysteriously, my mother would catch me every time I would snoop into her closet) into my mother's closet and put on her jewelry, shoes and purses. Long before a love for shoes, makeup or clothes, I fell in love with bags.
When I started learning about brands, the first one I fell in love with was a Kate Spade purse. It was love at first sight and from that day on when my mother started buying other Kate Spade things, they would somehow end up in my room and become mine. When I saw this adorable look book, I was inspired and of course I continue to look at it on weekly basis. It is fun and colorful, something every girl needs. I hope everyone is having a great day! 
(image via kate spade)

Guggenheim Gallery

Roadway with Underpass by Vincent van Gogh
Although there were many beyond impressive paintings and installations presented at the Guggenheim Art Gallery, of course being the Van Gogh  lover that I am this particular painting stuck out. Isn't it just intense and beautiful at the same time. 

Fall Fever

Three Quarter Ruched Sleeve V-Neck Dress Aura Ankle Bootie Long Sleeve Button Front Tunic Gemma Velcro Ankle Strap Sandal Tie Front Dress Dacey-Woven Multistrap Wedge Sleeveless Drape Front Tank Posey Peep Toe Ankle Strap Wedge Three Quarter Sleeve Striped Crew Neck Pullover
Can you tell I am looking forward to and getting ready for the fall? Right now DKNY has many cute things in store for the fall season, these are just a few things I'm currently falling in love with and are quickly becoming my favorite pieces of clothing. Plus the DKNY PURE Collection, oh geez, it is like Christmas morning for me, so many great things available. What are you looking forward to wearing this coming fall?