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Question of the Day

What Was Your Favorite Kids Show?
Since I haven't done a Question of the Day since May, I thought this was the perfect time to talk about how old Nickelodeon shows are coming back!!!! Yes, for all your eighties and nineties babies who grew up on shows like Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, All That along with the rest of the other million great Nickelodeon shows, I am beyond ecstatic about this news. Although I could answer this question with several options, these were my three absolute favorites. When Teen Nick aired Are You Afraid of the Dark I quickly became addicted to the mystery and greatness of the show. When it came to the game shows, because there were so many on, I couldn't help but to remember and love Legends of the Hidden Temple. I secretly wished I could be a contestant on the show. However, Doug is and was one of my all time favorites. So now I must ask you all what was your favorite show when you were a child? What did you grow up watching, Disney, Nic…

Stephanie Johnson

It all started when Maria Shriver asked Stephanie Johnson to personally design cosmetic bags to be given away at a charity function and since that event her designs have appeared everywhere from hanging off the shoulders of big celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Christiane Amanpour and Condoleezza Rices as well as appearing in several magazines as a best seller since 2001. It was only the other day I stumbled upon this unique collection of cosmetics bags and couldn't help myself to buy her newest addition to the line, clutches!!!!!  
(Stephanie Johnson)

this week's favorites...

$40 TJ Maxx Mirror-a steal and one Audrey peeking from behind.  Pictures of summer fun and new family members.  Framed New Yorker cover page and  Central Park, oh how I miss you  New York.  Just about to settle in for the evening when the perfect thunder storm arrives.  Leaning pictures and plenty of fun for a  girls night in. Movies, TV seasons  and SATC trivia game.

Fall Fashion Pinboard

Fall is fast approaching and I cannot wait! These are just a few fall inspirations I have for this year, what are yours?

Piano Woman

I have been a huge Vanessa Carlton fan since the beginning of her musical career. Not only have I been a dedicated follower of the piano sensation but her style has encouraged and inspired me to take my piano skill to a new level. Before she became the diva she is today, I was only focused and interested in playing the classics since that is primarily what you learn when taking piano lessons. However after buying her sheet music I fell in love with learning more indie and bluesy kind of music. I don't know about you guys, but I have been waiting for her new album Rabbits on the Run to come out and as soon as it hit the shelves I was there waiting in line. It is beyond fantastic, in fact it's her best yet (in my opinion). I know there are rumors floating around about this being her last album but I really hope this isn't the end. Thank you for creating such lovely music Vanessa.

A Love for Mackenzie Childs

Butterfly Accent Chest Flower Market Enamel Vase Black Hen Timer Toulouse Goose Planter Taylor Teapot
Yet another mother influenced obsession! Ever since I can remember my mother always used these unusual and eccentric looking teapots when it came to making tea. Most tea parties I was invited to as a little girl, this was the brand that most mothers and the local women's club used. Now that I'm older I definitely have an appreciation and have grown to love this brand and my mother's tea sets, which perhaps is what started my little collection.  Of course now they sell an array of things from kitchenware, furniture and home decor, I am simply smitten over Mackenzie Childs!

A Moment In The Past

My love for history and learning about the past began at a really early age in my life. Unlike most of my peers in kindergarten and on through third or four grade I loved reading about the Oregon Trail, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the travels of Louis and Clark and pretending to live the lives of Sara Crew, Mary Lennox, and the March sisters. I loved putting on my grandmothers dresses and wearing her gloves, jewelry and hats (that she gave to my sister and I to play dress up) more than wearing my own clothes. From the American Revolution to the the Norman Invasion, the Ancient Greeks, The Shang Dynasty, the Gaelics and the rise and fall of the Roman empire and culture, I live and breath history.  
  I first learned about the RMS Titanic in the third grade from a stack of easy read historical books that my mother kept in the our children's bookshelf. Yes, we had a few bookshelves that housed only children's book from every kind of encyclopedia that could exist to only the be…

this week's favorites...

Big Back to the Future Ferris Bueller's Day Off Beetlejuice The Princess Bride

Oh Miss Mary

Words to Live By Book   The Queen Has Spoken Plaque  I'm In Charge Here Folder  Recipe Card Birthday Card I was born and raised with everything Mary Englebreit since my mother had an obsession with her infamous cards and stationary along with many other things. Now that I am older I have especially grown to love all things Mary Englebreit.  I go crazy whenever I go into a Michaels! For those who know the $1 section, there are ton sof great and fun notepads, magnets, etc. During my collegiate years I had this bright pink pottery barn refrigerator and with my collection of magnets I got so many complements, I was eager to say they were all only dollar at Michaels. For those of you who are as big a fan as I am about Miss Mary, make sure to check out Michaels and her stuff online.

Fall Must Haves

I know it's only August but I cannot wait for this fall season-my favorite time of year! The weather starts to cool down, the fashion is great, the holidays, my birthday, the smell of burning leaves, I could go on but I think you all get the idea, I love Fall! Since it has been tortuously hot out with the exception of today (quite a perfect day) I have been checking out online catalogs and this is what I've come up with so far for my fall wishlist, what do you have on yours? 
1.Tsuru Blouse by Anthropologie $182 
2.Metallic Dress by Zara $189
 3. Kimchi Blue Wide Braided Stretch Belt by UO $29
4. Two Toned Braided Snake Chain Bracelet by Ann Taylor $58
5.The Petite Briefcase Bag $118
6. Blazer by H&M $49.95
7. Strappy Heel by The Loft $79.50
8. Million Pleats Midi by Anthropologie $158
9.Wicked by Essie $8
10. Twist Temple Sunglasses by The Loft $24.50
11. Ecote Smocked Shorts by Urban Outfitters $39

this week's favorites...

My Cargo Cool Traveler Set of Three.  My gaiam yoga mat and band.  my favorite home decorating book.  back to school, even though school is over for me :( my vera bradley weekender.
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Sit Back and Relax

Terry Drape Sweatshirt by GAP  Ombre Slub Tee by The Loft  Open Short Sleeve Sweater by The Loft  Pipe Dream Hoodie by J. Crew Shawl-Collar Poncho Sweatshirt by J. Crew
When it comes to clothes probably more than anything else I love lounge wear, I can't help it. The feeling of being completely comfortable and at ease and in clothes that are loose and light weight, what's not to love? I am especially over the moon about the newly added weekend section to J. Crew, what about you?